Little bird

“Hello? Sylvia? Ah, finally! I’ve been calling you for the last 10 minutes!”
“I was busy”
“Organizing your party? Yeah, about that… you should come here”
“Now? Why?”
“I have a nice surprise for you”
“Can’t you tell it on the phone?”
“No, you have to come here”. Ah, never say no to Dickinson… It’s Sylvia’s birthday today and he’s planning to try a new aircraft, making the first flight for her birthday, as a present. Therefore, she reaches the airport and finds him all smiling, next to his new toy.
“Oh! You’re there!” says Bruce.
“Finally! You took an eternity to come!”
“Sorry.” Sylvia says confused.
“Look at this beauty.” he says pointing at the plane behind him with a wide gesture of his arms.
“So pretty…” she says with shining eyes.
“And look inside…” he says guiding her to the airplane.
She looms to see the interior. There’s some boxes at the bottom and nothing else. But being a light aircraft like that, there isn’t much room to carry many people or packages.
“I planned a nice journey with a picnic… Only you and me.”
Sylvia smiles delighted.
“What do you say?”
“Sounds so good…!”
With a touch on her back, Bruce Dickinson invites her to get in the plane.
“Shouldn’t we tell Steve…?” asks Sylvia.
“What for? That wanker won’t come anyway. ”
“No, well, no… Not to invite him, just…”
“Let’s go, come on.”
Sylvia gets in the aircraft followed by Bruce. He sits down on the pilot place and she takes the copilot.
She looks around excited and happy like a child anticipating a surprise. Bruce asks permission through radio and starts the motors.





El ómnibus iba tan lento que pude asomarme por la ventana y sacar estas dos fotos de un arroyo del cual desconozco todo salvo que queda en un rincón dejado de la mano de Dios, en Montevideo.  Espero que les gusten.





Nochebuena en la playa


En la Nochebuena pasada, El Flako Daniel y yo lo pasamos en la playa, entre Pocitos y Buceo.  Sacamos algunas fotos con mi celular pero claro está que no quedaron del todo bien, estaba muy oscuro.  Así que a algunas las retoqué con El Gimp para que se vieran mejor, con más claridad.  Aquí están los resultados:

Sin retocar.  Pinchen para verla grande y en detalle
Sin retocar. Pinchen para verla grande y en detalle

ACFlako (original)

La misma foto de arriba pero luego de pasarla por Gimp
La misma foto de arriba pero luego de pasarla por Gimp


Espero que les gusten…