LB – Flying

Sky is blinding bright blue with some flocks of white clouds. It’s a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold, with a soft breeze blowing from the tail.
Sylvia is seating like a good girl admiring the view. Bruce smiles proud of himself.
Given is a warm day they aren’t much wrapped up. She has a jean long jacket, tight elegant pants and short leather boots. Bruce is wearing pilot jacket, comfortable long pants and tennis.
Airplane motors are purring soothingly and instruments show a nice speed of 100 mph.
Life is simply perfect.

“I really think I should give him a call…” says Sylvia pensively.
“To whom?”
Bruce moves uncomfortable in his seat.
“Don’t talk about him when you’re with me.”
Sylvia downs her head.
“Nothing bad against that old hairy arse. But you know, you’re with me right now so…”
“Yes. You’re right. I’m sorry.”
Bruce shakes his head. After a moment of silence, he points out a group of clouds saying:
“Look! What about climbing on the clouds?”
Sylvia raises her head and nods happy.
“Let’s go!”

They didn’t really climb on the clouds but rather went through them. Then they get out and keep flying a stunning bright sky.
“But I can do many other things…” says Bruce smiling.
“Oh, yeah! But I need some inspiration…” says Bruce stretching his neck, offering a cheek like a small child expecting a cuddle.
Sylvia shares some little kisses with him, planting them on his face.
“Balls to the wall!!” says Bruce enthusiastic, suddenly accelerating the airplane.
Sylvia giggles delighted as he makes all sorts of crazy things flying.
“To the Empire of the Clouds!!!” says Bruce leading the aircraft to a huge flock of cotton clouds.
They fly inside and a bit over the clouds for a long while. Amazed, Sylvia takes some photos. Bruce flies looking at her from time to time with a proud satisfied smile.
Eventually, they leave the clouds. By now, fuel level is reaching the half tank indicator.
“Okay, let’s find a nice place to have our private party.” says Bruce with a naughty expression.
“Oh! You make it sound like an orgy!” says Sylvia laughing.
“No, no. No orgy. Only you and me.” he says and winks.
But when they see the ground again, can’t find a place to land on. Everything is trees on uneven fields.
Bruce smiles as if he knew exactly what is going on, makes a turn and keeps flying confident they’ll find a place. After all, it’s England, it’s not like it’s an infinite territory…

“I think we’re going in the wrong direction…” says Sylvia looking at the airplane compass.
“Look… It’s pointing to the other side.”
Bruce takes a look and frowns. Then make a turn but the compass keeps pointing at the same direction. Bruce is starting to get nervous. Sylvia pulls her phone out of her jacket pocket. The compass in her phone is pointing to a different direction. Then she pulls a real compass from the other pocket. This last one is frantically pointing everywhere. She lays both things on her lap and calls Bruce’s attention. He looks and curses.
“What the…!”
By now, fuel level is half tank, so he has to think fast.
“We must land.” announces.
“Yeah, but where?”
Fields below looks like chopped with an axe, and wildly populated by nature.
Over their heads, sky is uniformly clouded. They find it strange, but isn’t the moment to discuss it.
“Look! There!” says Bruce pointing out a far place at their right.
There’s a glade next to a brink. Bruce will take no risks, so he tells Sylvia to hold tight and fly there to force a landing.


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